Wednesday 1 May 2024

Doubling Down in the Paraocasino Blackjack Game

A player may double down when their first two cards total 9, 10, or 11 without an ace. They should also rescue any hand of 17 or less vs A with a soft count. 온라인카지노사이트

Players can make a side bet that the dealer’s face-down card is a black jack, paying one-and-a-half times the wager. The dealer never peeks at this card.

Game rules

A blackjack game is played with two decks of cards, and each player places a bet in chips. The dealer deals each player two cards face up, followed by one card face down for the dealer. Known as Double Exposure, this rule makes it more difficult for players to make the correct decisions. Nevertheless, the basic strategy remains the same, and it is possible to reduce the house edge significantly by making certain modifications.

The player may double down if his or her first two cards total 9, 10, or 11 without an ace. The player should never double down if the dealer has a 10. A pair of 5s can be split if the dealer’s card is fair (2 through 6).

If the player has a blackjack, the dealer pays the player one and a half times his or her original wager. However, the player must still place a bet of at least $1.


There are a number of variations to Blackjack. Some are simple rules changes that make the game more playable, while others alter the expected return of a player. These differences can have a significant effect on the game. Some versions allow players to double on any first two cards, while others have restrictions on which hands a player can double. Some have the dealer hit on soft 17 and others require the dealer to stand on all hands. 카지노사이트

There are also a number of side bets available. The Over/Under 13 bet pays if the player’s initial two cards are over 13. Another popular variation is Free Bet Blackjack, which was developed by Geoff Hall, owner of Blackjack Switch. It allows the player to double down and split pairs. Its main rule change is that the dealer does not take a hole card and blackjack ties push (instead of losing all bets made on the hand). This variant can be found at Galaxy casinos in Macau.


Doubling down in blackjack is a powerful strategy that can increase your chances of winning. But, it is important to know when to do it and how much your original bet should be. Doubling down is done by pushing a stack of chips next to your initial bet. Usually, this stack is equal to your initial bet and must be pushed before the dealer gives you another card.

Many suggest that you save doubling for hands with the value of 10 or 11. This is because these cards have a higher likelihood of hitting blackjack than any other hand. However, this strategy is dependent on the dealer’s up-card.

In this variation, the dealer does not take a hole card and never peeks at it. This rule reduces the house edge by 0.08% when doubling and 0.03% when splitting. The game also uses the BB+1 rule, which means that you lose all of your busted bets plus one unit if the dealer has a blackjack. 바카라사이트

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